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  • Age differences in women’s anger experience and expression published in the International Journal of Psychological Studies co-authored with Dr. G, GonzálezPrendes Ph.D., and Dr. Kernsmith Ph.D. http://www.ccsenet.org/journal/index.php/ijps/article/view/27516/17602
  • An Evaluation Of Women’s Attitudes Towards Anger In Other Women And The Impact Of Such On Their Own Anger Expression Style 2010 Document View – An evaluation of women’s attitudes …
  • Presented at the Society for Social Problems in Las Vegas on women’s anger
  • Developed and facilitated a Women’s Anger Resolution group and a Women’s Self-Esteem group.
  • Co-created and facilitated a Depression and Anxiety group


  • Guest speaker on AM 800 Experts On Call-Depression and the holidays December 2012 AM800 CKLW
  • Guest speaker on AM 800 Experts On Call-Sex February 2018