Positive Affirmations

Today is a good day.
We have all been told to think more positively, to look on the bright side of things, see the cup as half full and so on. Does being positive actually make a difference? When we change our thinking do we actually start to feel better? YES! There are more studies than can be sighted and multiple therapeutic orientations –CBT being today’s favourite-based on changing our thinking. So how? There are many different things that people can use to change their thinking and increase happiness. This week’s topic is positive affirmations.
Positive affirmations are sentences that make us feel good, switch our thinking when we are not focused on what we want to be focused on, and even help change the way we view ourselves, other people and the world in general. Positive affirmations can be about putting a positive intention out to the universe for what you want and need, depending on your beliefs about the universe. My favourite positive affirmations are created for individual needs; however, you can find them everywhere.
For example if you are trying to increase self-esteem: I am worthy, I am capable, and I am loved. Sometimes when we are using positive affirmations it can be useful to back them up, to look for the evidence in our lives that demonstrates that we are loved or capable-everyone is worthy just by existing. The smaller the evidence the better, the little things are what make the biggest difference.
For depression: I have hope for today; it isn’t important that we believe it immediately or all the time, saying it and thinking it move us closer to believing.
Mistakes: mistakes are how I learn, I’m glad I’m trying.
I recommend keeping positive affirmations, thoughts and ideas around. The more we surround ourselves with positive thoughts, hope and inspirations the more positive, hopeful and inspired we will be.

Here are some links to pages with positive affirmations. It is important to look for things that work well with your values and beware of negative messages. If anger and hate are part of the message to make you feel better it is not a positive affirmation.




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