Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Information Collected through this Website


We monitor website traffic and other statistical information i.e. pages visited that help us enhance our website, and delivery of service to our clients. We do not sell rent or lease information at any time. We do not share any information obtained by clients unless specified by law.




The content of our counselling services are confidential. Total confidentiality cannot be held in all circumstances, such as in the following cases:


  1. You have a plan to harm yourself or others
  2. Suspected cases of child abuse
  3. Documents referred to in a subpoena
  4. If you have information about someone who was wrongfully convicted of a crime and could exonerate them from that conviction.


To assist with the therapeutic services you receive, there may be a need to communicate with other professionals to aid in the therapeutic process. This will only proceed after seeking your permission and knowledge of what is to be discussed. A signed consent will be acquired to gain your permission.


All documentation containing private and personal health information will be stored appropriately to maintain privacy and confidentiality, according to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). This includes the proper storage of case files and all other documentation in locked storage, which is only accessible to Nancy Praill.


Counselling services are provided through telephone, webcam, and email. Webcam services are provided via Skype you may access Skype’s privacy policy here:

If you chose to receive service through these preferred methods, you understand the importance of ensuring your own privacy in regards to counselling settings that are within your control e.g.  a public setting, where others will hear, see, or read private information conducted in the scheduled appointment. Nancy Praill holds the right to end any scheduled appointments under these services if privacy is not apparent during the time of session, and cannot be held responsible for information that is not secured on your part, such as; allowing another individual password rights to your email account, where privacy and confidentiality may be compromised.


Website Links


Any website links provided to third party sites is provided for information and reference purposes only. Nancy Praill is not responsible for content or privacy policies and practices of third party sites.




Feel free to contact Nancy Praill regarding any of the information provided.